Loveworks Leadership’s Dreamers and Doers Podcast Featuring Renée Adams

By Renée

March 19, 2021

Dreamers and Doers, Emotional Intelligence books and toys, Podcast, Renée Adams

What a treat it was to join Michael and Carolyn for an episode of the Dreamers and Doers Podcast. Even though I was a bit nervous, I had such a great time. I got to talk about all my favorite things; Emotional Intelligence, early childhood education, parenting challenges, and much more. And if you missed when our own Daniel Tigert was on the show, the link to that is here. The work they do is so inspirational and I can’t emphasize enough the power of their message: Dream it and do it!

Listen to it on their Youtube page here, or through the media player below.

The nickname for my personality type, INFP, is ‘The Dreamer.’ I have to say I’m naturally a dreamer.

  • 1:20—Renée’s Introduction
  • 3:47—Would you consider yourself a natural dreamer or a natural doer?
  • 7:41—Can you take us back to that young dreamer and tell us a bit about your childhood and what it was like growing up?

My childhood is probably best described as a mixture of love and chaos.

  • 11:28—What is Emotional Intelligence and why is it so important in youth development?
    • 15:45—Can you take us back to the beginning when you had the idea for Calm in Your Palm and what drives your mission for it?

Everything is felt for a reason and can be expressed in a way that doesn’t bring harm to ourselves or others.

  • 19:33—Initially, what was one of the hardest parts to get your idea from your head, to paper, to the next step?
  • 21:40—What would you recommend to students or parents who are struggling with processing their emotions through the pandemic?

I would encourage everyone listening to filter the things they hear in their life through a lens of emotion. Does it produce fear, guilt, shame, or does it show light and love?

  • 25:30—You talked on your blog about “Screen Fatigue.” Do you mind expounding on the ramifications of that?
  • 29:10—What is it that you love that you get to do?
  • 33:00—60 seconds to share your dream

Even at the age of 60, I’m still growing in tremendous ways and that keeps me extremely motivated. Personal growth never ends and it’s so exciting. It can sometimes be painful, but that’s part of the process.

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