Hoppy & Poppie Gift Box

Every baby and toddler needs this gift set. Why? Because the Hoppy & Poppie Gift Box teaches your child foundational skills for developing high EQ.


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This Gift Box teaches your child foundational skills for developing high EQ.


The Hoppy & Poppie Gift Box includes 10 items –
• Not SO Scary hardcover board book
• What We Feel hardcover board book
• 14 inch Patoo the flying blanket
• 2 high-quality velvety plush Hoppy & Poppie Grasshoppers
• 12 colorful wristbands
• 3 special emotional intelligence digital guides


As an extra bonus, this bundle also includes:
The AWARD– WINNING Calm in Your Palm, a hardcover 8.5 X 11 children's picture book with 32 beautifully colored illustrations; printed in the USA using paper from responsible sources (FSC Mix certified).

These books teach your child emotion and empathy.


The Not SO Scary/ Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks Combo is a great gift for you and your child! It also makes a great gift to give to someone you love, as a baby shower gift, child's birthday or any occasion! This Combo package makes learning emotional intelligence fun and exciting! It includes the beautifully illustrated hardcover board book, Not SO Scary, with the 6" plush Hoppy and 6" plush Poppie. Kids love Hoppy's and Poppy's zippered pockets. And they have hooks for hanging them anywhere you want to! It’s the perfect nap-time read.

These soft grasshopper friends teach your child to be aware of the emotion they feel in the present moment.


The Hoppy&Poppie PinkCheeks Plush Combo is a pair that can't be beat! Kids love playing with the Hoppy & Poppie twin grasshoppers they've come to love from being read the Not SO Scary and What We Feel stories of adventure and fun. Hoppy & Poppie are high-quality 6" velvety plush toys. Each has a zippered pocket and hook for hanging them anywhere you want to! A great way to use their zippered pockets is to write the names of emotions on cut-out pieces of card-stock and reinforce your child's vocabulary and awareness of feelings by having them place the feeling being experienced inside a pocket.


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What We Feel: $9.99

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Not SO Scary: $9.99


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Patoo the Flying Blanket: $12.99

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Hoppy PinkCheeks plush: $14.99

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Poppie PinkCheeks plush: $14.99

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3 Sleeves of wristbands: $14.99