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The Patoo Character Blankie

Teaches empathy, a key skill in developing high emotional intelligence.

The Patoo Flying Blanket Character Blankie

100% Organic cotton Patoo character blankie

100% Organic cotton Patoo character blankie

Patoo is a warm and empathetic character on Bug Island who takes Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks on a journey through the yellow, green, white and blue seasons of emotions in the What We Feel board book. In this charming story, children learn emotion vocabulary, awareness of the changing nature of emotions and the practice of gratitude which are impactful skills for social and emotional learning. As Patoo invites the very cold and sad Hoppy & Poppie to hop on for a flying adventure, he shows them compassion and empathy as he asks them “Hoppy & Poppie, now how do you feel?”  throughout their beautiful journey. During playtime, children enjoy imagining Patoo asking them how they feel which is a useful  role playing tool. Children experience their 14” square 100% GOTS certified organic cotton blankie with it’s quilted yellow, green, white and blue sections as a comforting companion. 

The Patoo Flying Blanket Character Blankie


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