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The Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks Plush and Emotion Wristbands Combo


Emotional Intelligence Toy Gift Set for Baby

Know you’ve given more than a plush when a child develops their emotion vocabulary with their favorite Bug Island character.


Ultra-soft Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks Plush

The Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks Plushies are designed to be your child’s two softest tag-along pals and are also highly versatile emotional intelligence learning tools. While having fun playing with Hoppy’s & Poppie’s bendable fuzzy antennae and zippered pockets, along with the Emotion Wristbands, your child is actively learning empathy, awareness of others and emotion vocabulary.

High Quality Embroidery

The happy faces of the Hoppy and Poppie PinkCheeks plush are embroidered to the highest level of quality. Their lively baby-safe eyes are ready to meet baby’s at every story-time and emotional intelligence learning opportunity. These grasshoppers have the sweetest bug faces around.

Soft Bendable Antenna

Kids have so much fun shaping the bendable antennae to give Hoppy & Poppie different emotions. Happy? Antennae point upward, Sad? Antennae point downward, Excited? Antennae twist & curl! Get creative and bend the antennae into shapes that represent new emotions that you and your child discover together. Ask your child, “Now how does Hoppy (or Poppie) feel?”

Oversized Hang-Hook

Designed for home or to travel anywhere you and your child go, these ultra-soft microfiber plushies have an oversized hang-hook, perfect for play gyms, diaper bags, carriers, and car seats. Durable and safe for 10+ months, these easy to clean plush pals can follow your toddler to anywhere a cozy story-time snuggle takes place.

Lanyard-pull Zipper Pocket

During their make-believe play time, children use the plushie’s zippered pocket to insert the emotion wristband(s) that name what Hoppy and Poppie are feeling. This introduces the internal and changing nature of emotions and develops empathic recognition of emotions in others. Kids develop fine motor skills when they use the zippered pocket, designed with a micro chord pull that’s perfect for little fingers.

6 Colorful Emotion Wristbands

emotion wristbands emotional intelligence gameThe Emotion Wristbands are designed to be among a baby’s first emotional intelligence learning tools. Children learn the names of and choose from the 6 primary emotions: HAPPY, SAD, SCARED, EXCITED, ANGRY and CALM. Teaching a child emotion vocabulary early in life is very important for building their EI/EQ.

Children delight in choosing and wearing the wristbands that name the emotions that they are feeling in the present moment. This aids in developing the valuable EQ skill of self-awareness.

The Emotion Wristbands are a fun toy for learning that emotions are temporary. This abstract concept becomes real to a young child when they change the wristband that they’re wearing for the one that represents their new and current feeling. This valuable play creates opportunities for meaningful conversation between parent and child about emotions. It also furthers a child’s ability to learn how to regulate and manage their emotions, which are crucial skills for high EQ.

As a child’s awareness of their emotions increases, they become able to use the emotion wristbands in combination, wearing multiple bands at once as they’re able to recognize feeling more than one emotion at a time.

Using the zippered pockets on the back of the Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks plushies, children insert the emotion wristband that they imagine the characters are feeling. This more advanced skill reinforces the internal nature of emotions, awareness of emotions in others and empathy as part of their make-believe play.

These 100% silicone wristbands are safety tested for 6m+, youth size, and feature emotive icons and large embossed, easy to read names of primary emotions. Use the emotive icons, six colors and words to teach emotion vocabulary and associative memory. Children also use their fine motor skills as they pull the wristbands on and off their arms.


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