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The Patoo Flying Blanket Character Blankie


The Patoo Character Blankie is a child’s comforting companion with quilted yellow, green, white and blue sections. For ages 6m+, Patoo is 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and measures 14” square. Because the Patoo blankie is machine washable, your child can be accompanied by their cuddly friend wherever they go!

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100% Organic cotton Patoo character blankie

Patoo is more than a child’s lovey. He is an empathetic character who takes Hoppy & Poppie on a journey through seasons of emotions in the What We Feel book. When paired with the charming story, he is, in fact, an effective tool for emotional intelligence learning.

Put Patoo into action and use him in the following way for a multi-sensory and associative memory learning opportunity: Based on the What We Feel story, say aloud “yellow, happy”, “green, calm”, “white, peaceful” and “blue, strong” as you and your child move your hands across Patoo’s four sections.

Use Patoo to expand the conversations you have with your child about emotions. When your child is holding Patoo, ask questions such as “What emotion does the color yellow remind you of?”, “When you feel calm, which color do you think of?” or “If Patoo took you on a journey, where would you go and how would you feel?”

Pretend to be Patoo and use him like a puppet. With a character voice, ask your child, “(name of your child), now how do you feel?”, just like Patoo does with Hoppy & Poppie throughout the What We Feel story.  


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