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The What We Feel Board book, Patoo Blankie & Emotion Wristband Combo


Gift Set for Baby

Kids love learning empathy and the changing nature of emotions with their story-time friend, Patoo.


What We Feel

What We Feel is a beautiful book with a sweet story featuring Patoo, a warm and empathetic character whom children love. While he takes Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks on a journey through yellow, green, white and blue seasons of emotions, he asks them, “…, now how do you feel?”. This charming story teaches young children a foundation for developing high emotional intelligence by equipping them with an extended vocabulary of feelings. Hoppy & Poppie feel sad, happy, calm, peaceful, strong, giggly, loved and grateful in this story. Awareness of changes in their emotions and a  practice of gratitude are also impactful EI skills children learn from What We Feel. Children enjoy a tactile experience with the book’s  “Feel Along” feature. Patoo is an adorable character who is compassionate with his Bug Island friends. What We Feel is a bed-time favorite and a great add to any child’s library. You know a book hits the mark when toddlers ask to be read the story over and over again. That’s what this second book of the Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks series for ages 0+ delivers.

Children learn the seasons of emotions through association with the experiences of being in nature.

    • Sad
    • Happy
    • Calm
    • Peaceful
    • Strong
    • Giggly
    • Loved
    • Grateful

Add value to your story-time together, with a book that instills foundational skill sets of emotional intelligence (EQ.)

    • 9 high-quality touch-and-feel pages.
    • Beautiful full color artwork.
    • Fun adventure full of self-affirmations .
    • Perfect (5″x5″) size for little hands.
    • Learn colors and emotions and gratitude.

6 Colorful Emotion Wristbands

    • Six 1/2 inch Emotion Wristbands
    • Develop Emotional Awareness
    • Learn Emotional Vocabulary
    • Learn Colors

These are designed to be your baby’s first emotional intelligence learning tool. Children choose from the sleeve of 6 youth sized silicone wristbands with the emotions, HAPPY, SAD, SCARED, EXCITED, ANGRY and CALM on them. During their make-believe play time, children place the emotion wristband(s) for what Poppie is feeling inside her, reinforcing the EQ skill of empathy. And, children delight in wearing the wristband(s) that name the emotion(s) that they are feeling, developing the EQ skill of self-awareness. This tactile exercise teaches colors and emotion vocabulary while starting you and your baby on the first steps of emotional intelligence learning.

Blanket with character

The Flying Patoo Character Blankie

Patoo is a warm and empathetic character on Bug Island who takes Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks on a journey through the yellow, green, white and blue seasons of emotions in the What We Feel board book. In this charming story, children learn emotion vocabulary, awareness of the changing nature of emotions and the practice of gratitude which are impactful skills for social and emotional learning. As Patoo invites the very cold and sad Hoppy & Poppie to hop on for a flying adventure, he shows them compassion and empathy as he asks them “Hoppy & Poppie, now how do you feel?”  throughout their beautiful journey. During playtime, children enjoy imagining Patoo asking them how they feel which is a useful  role playing tool. Children experience their 14” square 100% GOTS certified organic cotton blankie with it’s quilted yellow, green, white and blue sections as a comforting companion.

1 review for The What We Feel Board book, Patoo Blankie & Emotion Wristband Combo

  1. Carly Esquerra

    “It’s so important to create awareness of the changing emotions in our children, and allow our children to be comfortable talking about them! We loved using the colorful wristbands to draw out what each emotion may look like on someone’s face!”

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