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The What We Feel Board book, Patoo Blankie & Emotion Wristband Combo


Gift Set for Baby

Kids love learning empathy and the changing nature of emotions with their story-time friend, Patoo.


What We Feel

The What We Feel board book is a charming story that teaches skills that are foundational to the development of high emotional intelligence (EI) and includes an extended vocabulary of feelings. Hoppy & Poppie travel across Bug Island on the back of Patoo, the flying blankie, as they journey through yellow, green, white and blue seasons of emotions. Patoo is a warm and empathetic character who asks, “Hoppy and Poppie, now how do you feel?” throughout the story.

On their journey, Hoppy & Poppie feel sad in a cold rain shower, happy visiting Sundee the yellow flower, calm resting between green trees, peaceful watching white clouds float by, strong swimming in a blue stream, giggly laughing at a silly bear constellation, loved as Patoo sings nighty-night lullabies, and grateful for their day of traveling through changing emotions. Use the story as a prompt to ask your child when they’ve felt the emotions that Hoppy & Poppie experience. Awareness of emotions felt in the present moment and that emotions change, along with a practice of gratitude, are impactful EI skills children learn from What We Feel.

Children also enjoy a tactile experience with the book’s “Feel Along” feature.

They love running their fingers over the fabric inserts of Patoo’s four colors on the pages!

After multiple reads, ask your child how Hoppy and Poppie feel as they touch the yellow, green, blue and white fabric inserts before reading the verse. This creates a kinesthetic learning experience that develops associative memory.

What We Feel is a bed-time favorite and a great addition to any child’s library. You know that a book hits the mark when toddlers ask to be read the story over and over again. Our customers say that’s what this second book of the Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks series delivers for ages 0+.

6 Colorful Emotion Wristbands

emotion wristbands emotional intelligence gameThe Emotion Wristbands are designed to be among a baby’s first emotional intelligence learning tools. Children learn the names of and choose from the 6 primary emotions: HAPPY, SAD, SCARED, EXCITED, ANGRY and CALM. Teaching a child emotion vocabulary early in life is very important for building their EI/EQ.

Children delight in choosing and wearing the wristbands that name the emotions that they are feeling in the present moment. This aids in developing the valuable EQ skill of self-awareness.

The Emotion Wristbands are a fun toy for learning that emotions are temporary. This abstract concept becomes real to a young child when they change the wristband that they’re wearing for the one that represents their new and current feeling. This valuable play creates opportunities for meaningful conversation between parent and child about emotions. It also furthers a child’s ability to learn how to regulate and manage their emotions, which are crucial skills for high EQ.

As a child’s awareness of their emotions increases, they become able to use the emotion wristbands in combination, wearing multiple bands at once as they’re able to recognize feeling more than one emotion at a time.

Using the zippered pockets on the back of the Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks plushies, children insert the emotion wristband that they imagine the characters are feeling. This more advanced skill reinforces the internal nature of emotions, awareness of emotions in others and empathy as part of their make-believe play.

These 100% silicone wristbands are safety tested for 6m+, youth size, and feature emotive icons and large embossed, easy to read names of primary emotions. Use the emotive icons, six colors and words to teach emotion vocabulary and associative memory. Children also use their fine motor skills as they pull the wristbands on and off their arms.

Blanket with characterThe Flying Patoo Character Blankie – 100% Organic Cotton

The Patoo Character Blankie is a child’s comforting companion with quilted yellow, green, white and blue sections. For ages 6m+, Patoo is 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and measures 14” square. Because the Patoo blankie is machine washable, your child can be accompanied by their cuddly friend wherever they go!

Patoo is more than a child’s lovey. He is an empathetic character who takes Hoppy & Poppie on a journey through seasons of emotions in the What We Feel book. When paired with the charming story, he is, in fact, an effective tool for emotional intelligence learning.

Put Patoo into action and use him in the following way for a multi-sensory and associative memory learning opportunity:

  • Based on the What We Feel story, say aloud “yellow, happy”, “green, calm”, “white, peaceful” and “blue, strong” as you and your child move your hands across Patoo’s four sections.
  • Use Patoo to expand the conversations you have with your child about emotions. When your child is holding Patoo, ask questions such as “What emotion does the color yellow remind you of?”, “When you feel calm, which color do you think of?” or “If Patoo took you on a journey, where would you go and how would you feel?”
  • Pretend to be Patoo and use him like a puppet. With a character voice, ask your child, “(name of your child), now how do you feel?”, just like Patoo does with Hoppy & Poppie throughout the What We Feel story.

1 review for The What We Feel Board book, Patoo Blankie & Emotion Wristband Combo

  1. Carly Esquerra

    “It’s so important to create awareness of the changing emotions in our children, and allow our children to be comfortable talking about them! We loved using the colorful wristbands to draw out what each emotion may look like on someone’s face!”

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