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Gift Sets For Kids

Give the gift of emotional intelligence with gift sets from Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks. Whether given as a gift or used with children in your own home, these gift sets and toys will help with emotional development, giving toddlers and children meaningful and lifelong connections by helping them be aware of, name, understand, and articulate their emotions.

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Emotional Development Gift Sets

Each Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks emotional development gift set includes tools for the first steps in social learning, beginning with two combo sets featuring Hoppy PinkCheeks or Poppie PinkCheeks and a set of six labeled emotion wristbands. Wristbands help build emotional vocabulary and are used to help children identify what emotion they might be feeling. Children may use Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks’ shapeable antennae to give a visible expression of the character’s emotion. 

Build on your child’s emotional development with toys and gift sets that are grouped with other tools to help children thrive. There is a Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks Plush and Emotion Wristband Combo featuring both plushies toddlers and young children will love. This set can also be ordered with the Not SO Scary board book included.

Teaching Empathy

Kids love learning empathy and the changing nature of emotions with this blanket, wristband and book, gift set designed for toddlers and young children, featuring their storytime friend, Patoo. The What We Feel board book, Patoo Blankie, and Emotion Wristband Combo is the perfect gift set for smaller children to begin the social emotional learning process. 

Feel good knowing you’ve invested in a child’s ability to emotionally adapt and thrive. Give a child the complete set of emotional intelligence skill-building tools, which includes all items listed above: Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks plush Bug Island characters, 13-piece emotion wristbands set, Patoo blankie, and the What We Feel and the Not SO Scary board books.

Make learning and teaching about social and emotional development fun with toys and gift sets from Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks gift sets. All gift orders come with no charge, two-day priority shipping.

“This gift box is full of amazing resources to help your little one navigate their emotional intelligence. That’s a gift that gives to everyone in the house!”

Laura Rieckhoff

“It’s a complete set of emotional intelligence skill building tools, which makes it one of the best gift ideas for a new mom...This gift box is formative for your parenting journey, as it fosters whole family communication.”

Tamara Bowman

"The Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks Gift Box is a great little set for toddlers! I picked this up as a little big brother gift for Ashton and he loves it so far! This set is not only interactive for your kiddos, but also does a great job teaching children about emotions.”

Kelli Testa

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