The Dreamers and Doers Podcast Featuring Dan Tigert

By Renée Adams

December 29, 2020

Dan Tigert, Dreamers and Doers, Hoppy & Poppie, Podcast, Triathlon

Our creative director, Dan Tigert, had the pleasure to join the crew at the Dreamers and Doers Podcast and discuss what brought him into triathlons, graphic design, and Hoppy & Poppie! See for yourself what he has to say about success, motivation, and drive.

“Can you make the sacrifices of normal to pursue something abnormal, something extraordinary?”

  • 0:57—Dan’s Introduction
  • 3:00—Do you consider yourself more of a natural dreamer or a natural doer?
  • 4:17—What was your life like growing up?
  • 7:13—How did an injury lead you to become a triathlete?
  • 9:29—Was that transition seamless for you or were there bumps in the road?
  • 11:25—Can you talk about your ascent to higher levels of triathlete competition?

“Overcoming fear is one way we mark the chapters in our lives.”

  • 16:46—Can you tell us more about Hoppy & Poppie?
  • 18:41—Tell us more about the importance of opportunities in your life?
  • 22:38—Where can we find H & P?
  • 24:25—What’s the inspiration for the H & P name?
  • 26:21—What’s a big dream your working on right now?
  • 28:03—What’s a piece of advice that you would give your middle or high school self?

“Take whatever is inside you and put it out there to people who want to help cultivate your dream.”

  • 30:07—Take a minute to wrap it all up for dreamers and doers.

“Staying focused on the positive will more often lead to more positives.”

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