The Whole Modern Parent Podcast: Why Resiliency, Self Empathy and Not Giving Up are Foundations of High EI/EQ

By Renée

January 26, 2021

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I recently had the pleasure to sit down with Lydia at the Whole Modern Parent Podcast to discuss Hoppy & Poppie and the value of Emotional Intelligence in parenting. If you’re interested in joining the Whole Modern Parent HQ check out this link for details.

“Start getting more comfortable with saying what you’re feeling aloud. If we start at a young age, our children won’t have the hurdle ‘our generation’ has had and it will be natural to them.”

Renée Adams on when to start teaching Emotional Intelligence to our kiddos.


1:23—Introducing Renée/Hoppy & Poppie

“When I was a new parent, I was just grasping for tools and ideas. I think most of us want to do something differently than how we were raised.”

4:19—What is Calm in Your Palm?

“Get more comfortable with saying what you’re feeling out loud.”

7:40—What started your initial interest in EI?

“[Daniel Goleman’s 1995 book] felt like it made so much sense about what I want to parent my kids, not ways I don’t want to parent.”

12:44—What are good first steps for implementing EI in a household?

“EQ is a very conscious effort that anyone can improve unlike IQ.”

18:28—For parents that don’t have as much confidence in doing this, what’s your advice?

“Going back and talking to your kids if you made a mistake with them is so valuable.”

25:57—What would be one small thing that parents can start working on with their children today to be more emotionally intelligent.

“Learning to name your own emotions is a great first step that they will take into their life.”

28:06—What makes you a whole modern parent?

“Staying present and paying attention to what’s happening. The world is changing and we can grow and change with it.”

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